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Recently two vulnerabilities in microprocessors have been discovered, practically all computers and mobile devices are impacted by these two security flaws. Due to the structure of the flaws, they allow malicious software (like “malware” or “viruses”) to access your personal data such as online banking access or private data and even to manipulate data in other apps (eg wire money via mobile banking or send messages in your name).

With this service you can

  • Verify if your smartphone receives or will receive a security update
  • Which steps you need to take if your smartphone won’t receive updates
  • Which steps you need to take if your smartphone will receive the updates

  • With the button “Verify now!” you can start the process and check if you smartphone is vulnerable or not.

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    What vulnerabilities have been discovered recently?

    Read below about recently discovered threads to your Smartphone


    Meltdown allows malicious apps to access the memory of your smartphone and access sensitive information.


    Spectre allows malicious applications to access the secrets of your apps such as online banking access.


    Many other vulnerabilities exist that your phone might not be protected against due to a lack of security updates for your device.


    of all mobile apps
    fail basic security tests.


    of Android apps are infected with
    or contain a virus


    is the growth of apps with malware and viruses in 2016


    of the smartphones released more than 24 moths ago, are not protected and / or updated

    How can I protect my device?

    Smartphone manufacturers update their products to remove security vulnerabilities of the software and the hardware.

    • Check here if your smartphone will receive an update
    • If possible download the latest update
    • If your device will not receive updates, read below

    What can I do if my device will not receive updates?

    If your smartphone will not receive updates we recommend you to do the following:

    • Delete all sensitive data from the smartphone
    • Stop using sensitive services like online banking
    • Buy a new or refurbished smartphone


    Some questions that are asked frequently.

    Do Meltdown & Spectre affect me?

    Probably yes, more than 90% of all consumer mobile devices are affected.

    Can I verify if someone attacked me using techniques described in Meltdown & Spectre?

    Probably not, as this kind of attacks don't leave classical traces in logs.

    Can I be protected by a mobile anti virus solution?

    Not at this moment.

    Have there already been attacks exploiting Meltdown or Spectre?

    Nobody knows.

    Is there a technical description of the problem?

    Yes, you can download it here.

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